Auction Types

Real Estate Auctions

With 50 years of combined real estate and auction experience, Royston Auction Company has concentrated its time and talents on conducting successful auctions of residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Royston Auction Company is a name synonymous with providing successful auction results. We provide uncompromised customer service and the most competitive and spirited atmosphere by bringing qualified buyers and motivated sellers together. Let us help you design a custom auction marketing plan to quickly sell your property.

A Real Estate Auction offers more advantages to both buyers and sellers than any other method of transaction. Royston Auction Company stands out in this highly specialized method of marketing due to our proven success coupled with our experience, professional certifications, prestigious designations, and our educational background. These are the reasons why Royston Auction Company is considered the leading authority in real estate auctions and estate auctions in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Our focus is to serve our clients one auction at a time, which is why we are highly selective about the properties we choose to represent. By offering only the finest properties for auction we can create a more concentrated marketing effort to maximize interest and expedite the selling cycle, allowing for both buyers and sellers to take part in a swift and seamless real estate auction transaction. On auction day, there is no substitute for experience. There is one chance for success and you deserve the best, to us……nothing less will do.

Commercial & Industrial Auctions

Commercial and Industrial Auctions is one of our specialties at Royston Auction Company. We have a history of serving individual owners, partnerships, corporations, secured creditor lien holders and governmental agencies throughout the region. We hold on-site and internet auctions of all types of commercial and industrial real estate, business equipment, vehicles, and machinery. Royston Auction Company is comprised of a team of professionals experienced and trained to liquidate your complete business or any part thereof.

The success of our commercial asset recovery program is a direct result of our professional auction marketing system. Through this program you are assured to receive maximum exposure of your items resulting in higher prices obtained.

Royston Auction Company is the areas foremost leader in technology, innovation, and cutting edge auction procedures. As stated above….On auction day, there is no substitute for experience. There is one chance for success and you deserve the best, to us……nothing less will do.

Estate & Personal Property Auctions

Royston Auction Company is honored to be considered and voted the leader and most proficient auction company for estate auctions as well as general personal property auctions in the region. Conducting successful estate auctions and personal property auctions is the direct result of combining care and compassion with experience. This formula for success along with our team of professional is the reason that Royston Auction Company holds the record for conducting three of the top four top revenue producing estate auctions ever held in the area.

Royston Auction Company understands the needs and concerns of individuals when dealing with an estate and we can assist you and/or your family with these concerns. We can assist you in the planning of an estate, selecting the right attorney, as well as the management of assets in the appropriate manner. Auctioneer/owner, Travis Royston, holds the Certified Estate Specialist designation and with this you are assured the peace and mind that a knowledgeable and professional auctioneer is looking out for you.

Royston Auction Company has conducted personal property and estate auctions for 14 years, in 15 counties, four states, and continually works hand in hand with numerous attorneys, special commissioners, as well as court and judicial systems. We have conducted auctions ranging from one single item to thousands of items taking days to liquidate. Our sales prices have ranged from as little as one hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single auction. In short, we have the knowledge, educations, experience, and personnel to properly handle any auction of any size….especially yours!

Benefit and Fundraising Auctions

Royston Auction Company is committed to assisting your group or organization raise more revenue through the use of the live auction method of marketing. We have worked with various organizations throughout the Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia to achieve and surpass their goals. To accomplish this task we utilize the latest methods including live, silent and online auction methods to attract bidders from not only the attendees but from those that cannot attend the event and still wish to donate funds.

Today a large percentage of all non-profit and charitable organizations are using the auctions to raise funds for their respective causes. Fundraising auctions are one of the fastest growing segments of the auction industry and there is a reason why. It is because organizations have found that live auctions are generating thousands of dollars more for their organization than they had thought possible. However these results are not happening by chance, it is due to the knowledge and experience of a professional auctioneer. A professional auctioneer will make a difference in the outcome of your event.

You may ask, “Why would we want to hire a “professional auctioneer” when we have “Mr. Smith” who has helped us out for years? The answer is simple:

  • We WILL raise you more money!
  • We add more excitement to your event!
  • We make the event more memorable and fun for your attendees!


How much money is your bid caller costing you?

Sure you can get anyone to stand up and call out bids but how much money are they letting walk out the door? Do you even know? Is “Mr. Smith” just selling the items you have on hand? If so you are losing thousands of dollars, that’s thousands of dollars that you didn’t even think of being available! The untrained “FREE” auctioneer is costing you thousands and we can prove it! Royston Auction Company’s professional benefit auctioneers and staff don’t just stop with the items that you have available, we offer many other venues and games that only take minutes to conduct but has the potential to double your revenue.

Our services are more than just an auction company. We also offer:

  • Pre event consultation
  • Committee selection and job delegation
  • Event support
  • Professional Ring men, clerks, and cashiers
  • Post auction critiques

We assist your organization through the decision making processes because successful events don’t just happen. They occur due to hard work, determination, and a well planned course of action. When you contract Royston Auction Company to handle your event you have the assurance of knowing a professional auction company is by your side. We schedule a series of meetings with you and your members prior to the auction to determine goals, and appoint committees to assist in achieving the maximum results.

If your event is in need of professional assistance or if you are planning on hosting your first fundraising event and would love to discuss how Royston Auction Company can assist you, do not hesitate to call for a private consultation.